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Your words hold Sound Fractals Sing Your Vibration

 Every single word you speak and sound you make puts on energy into the cosmos and so do the words you write, each leaves it’s own footprint in this continuum called the universe. Dr Emoto’s work has show that words even make patterns , fractals and perfect words can make perfect fractals. Sounds are 3D not “2D … Continue reading

Golden visualisation……..

Golden visualisation……..

Imagine yourself floating on a warm lake of silken water circling all around you. Feel the water relaxing your body. Imagine relaxation flowing from the top of your head down all the way down your neck, shoulders arms and fingertips….feel the relaxation moving down your body heart, solar plexus …belly legs knees calves and ankles … Continue reading

Shine Brightly with Peace and Love

   I am writing this at a time in the world when there is such a huge shift in consciousness. It feels as though I am being pushed by some huge force way beyond the perception of the human imagination and like other people who are waking and feeling this but it’s not always easy. … Continue reading

Raising Your Vibration

As a Scientist  I have always been fascinated by the link between movement, intelligence and energy. When you raise your vibration you can literally access the etheric field of energy and you become more creative. Do you ever think about when you get those Eureka moments?  Were you moving or walking or dancing or listening … Continue reading

Love is in the air…………………

  Love is in the air ……………………when we stay in love with life and fall out of fear and the fear vibration. We always have a choice in every situation between choosing love or fear, with relationships and with ourselves and with all the news and information we listen to. We can choose the love … Continue reading