We are Energy Systems in a Huge Planetary System


There is far more belief now that we hold a cellular memory in our bodies and that illnesses are created by our thinking at the level of the subconscious. Western medicine tends to plug symptoms and there is a need at times for things such as antibiotics but Eastern philosophy is more about keeping a person in good spirits and whole and the energy balanced and flowing, focusing on “wellness” rather than “illness”.

It has been known for thousands of years by acupuncturists and people that study martial arts and chi or qi that you can shift the energy in the body. Now people are understanding that we can change the emotional states we feel by shifting the energy in various organs of the body. The cells in the body resonate with certain frequencies, that makes sense to me as the molecular structures of these organs is different so will respond to certain frequencies of sound.

We all know that by doing exercise that we can shift how we feel, but now we know that we can shift our emotions by tapping or massaging the various organs of the body. By having acupuncture or doing e.f.t we can move the chi or qi which holds the intelligence of the body within it. We can shift the energy through our bodies shift the life force but doing things such as tai chi and chi gung or other exercise.

E-motions are energy in motion.  Energy is the invisible foundation for health in the body.  The body is composed of energy pathways and energy centers that are in a dynamic interplay with the cells, organs, moods, and thoughts. Eft uses the energy meridians in the body and works by tapping on these meridians to clear the blockages. There is more energy in us than matter so it makes sense to me that we start to see the whole body as an  “energy system” and not just as a “matter” system with all parts connecting and interlinking to the other.  Surely this makes sense. The body is able to heal intself if energy is allowed to flow.

We are all connected with each other in energy systems , the energy systems of our families, the energy systems of our communities and the energy systems of our workplaces and the areas we live in. Our hearts have now been proven to give out more electrical and magnetic energy than our brains, we literally exist by connecting with our hearts, we feel each others electrical and magnetic energy  

When 9/11 happened scientists were  able to see a surge in electrical and magnetic energy via satellite  and couldn’t understand why, they later found out that it was the heart energy that was surging and affecting the planets electrical and magnetic energy.  

Remember everyday that the thoughts you put out even as you are working affect the planet as a whole and the people in your surrounding environments..

Open your heart to LOVE ………………………………..

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