Shine Brightly with Peace and Love

 I am writing this at a time in the world when there is such a huge shift in consciousness. It feels as though I am being pushed by some huge force way beyond the perception of the human imagination and like other people who are waking and feeling this but it’s not always easy.

You have to align yourself to the middle part of the ride on the helter-skelter understanding the forces of yin and yang and knowing deep in your soul that you will weather all the storms that come your way.

It feels like life is changing in a huge way at the moment the old paradigm is shifting, old ways of thinking and being are going to the wall. On one hand it feels like one side is pushing to formalise the world so hard that all sense of human intuition is being  drained out of us all and we are being pushed to live very robotic, clinical lives.

The polar opposite is being felt by many other people who are feeling this huge shift in consciousness. People are waking up to the fact that we are just holograms and just energy ourselves and that our conscious thoughts can and do actually mould our realities and our thoughts do become things.

 Civilisations and scientists have studied the mind for thousands of years and yet we are just discovering new insights about the brain. NLP and meditation and books such as “The Secret” have changed the ways in which we come to view our realities and has given society the knowledge and capacity to alter the realities we once thought were fixed by beliefs we took on from our parents, teachers and friends and our environments. 

Thoughts become things and energy travels to where you are thinking , so spread kind thought kind words and deeds and hold those in your head.  Scientists have now proven that  water holds  memory,  remember that you are mostly water and energy and a spirit in a human body. Your thoughts and feelings affect everyone around you .not  just in your home but in your community and neighbourhood and the world.

Focus on all that is good honest and truthful and don’t be afraid to shine your light . The world needs people who aren’t afraid to step up and shine brightly at the moment. There is no fear it’s all an illusion . The banking sector and the energy of the people is just reacting to the mass consciousness at the moment on the planet. It’s paramount that we all hold the intention and the vision for a peaceful planet based on new ideals and modalities that include and integrate the various split off’s in the psyche of the world . For a long time we have been operating with belief systems that are now outmoded and not the truth. 

We are all seeking in larger and larger masses a whole new way of being and relating to one another based on the new paradigm of LOVE and TRUTH. It’s not always an easy road but by gathering together and aligning with people who hold this intention the light will shine even brighter now.   Everything IS PERFECT – look for all the good that is around you and focus on that now. Turn off the news and understand that you don’t have to add to the collective state of fear .

PEACE  and LOVE  are all that remain at the end of the day hold that in your heart now and spread to all you meet. You  are love at your innner most core and can be in that state whenever you choose you just have to declare it to the divine.  You are amazing ! 

 Love Sally x


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