Raising Your Vibration

As a Scientist  I have always been fascinated by the link between movement, intelligence and energy.

When you raise your vibration you can literally access the etheric field of energy and you become more creative.

Do you ever think about when you get those Eureka moments? 

Were you moving or walking or dancing or listening to wonderful music ?

 It’s often happens to me after I have been dancing or walking. I have said things to people and wonder how I know things or I have those  moments when I feel inspired to try or do something new.

Our hearts radiate more energy than our brains and our emotions affect our hearts and our bodies. It’s fascinating to hear how we can become more creative just by accessing a new state and how it’s so important to be consistently breathing slowly and turning off the fight or flight mechanisms.

We can affect our physical bodies by accessing great thoughts and focusing on love and giving. So learn to tune into your own creative spirit. 

Dr Sue Morter scientist explains how we are so much more than we once thought and how we can access that creative state .

One thought on “Raising Your Vibration

  1. Thankyou Sally Francis for the link to Sue Mortimer talk on accessing creative space. Helpful way to explain the concept which is spot on. RE, Your comments on raising your vibration…I find I get those eureka moments when i am or have been truly present.Many thanks, Karen

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