YOU are LOVE …..

reiki ball
You are a vibrant infinite being here for a special reason at this time.
 There’s nothing you can’t be do or say that’s right for your vibration when you connect to the true source that’s inside you, that part of you that knows that everything right here right now is alright.
The  inner peace and beauty that resides in your soul ,your song of vibration and love, the truth that exists deep in your heart and spirit..
 You are whole and perfect exactly as you are and have the power of consciousness deep within you..
Whatever is going on in your life beneath that outer vibration is the truth of love consciousness and sometimes it’s just a flicker and sometimes it’s a flame, sometimes it burns so brightly  that you could light up a whole town or be a beacon of light  from an ancient time guiding people to find their way and through the darkness to a new place.
You are timeless and endless and infinite in passion, joy and wisdom when you connect to that ancient truth and knowing. Sometimes you have to feel the great pains of life in order to ignite the flames of beauty that reside deep in your hearts and souls, for you are love endless and eternal and it’s just your purpose here now to remember that in all it’s glory ..
You are just love and it can be love in tears and love with joy, love with darkness and love that sometimes finds itself on the floor but it will never not exist in any form within you.
Love is always and only just  one millisecond away from you and when you see it as just a tiny speck and focus with intention it grows and grows and spreads inside you and to all those around you ..
So see it in your heart and see it expanding bigger and bigger now so it spreads around you in all dimensions around your house or your workplace and to everyone near you as when you feel it others feel it to.
Love travels through space and time across the country like a matrix of golden light embedded and infused within all the hearts as it goes one by one, a chain reaction touching hands and hearts along the way ..for you are love ….
LOVE Sally x
Sally Francis   Copyright 2013 (c)

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