Spiritual Revolution or Evolution?

There’s a spiritual revolution  and evolution going on in everyone some just sing and shout louder than others about it  you only have to see the devoted nurses and workers in schools that raise the thousands of children and  the nurses and doctors  that nurse the  thousands of people dying in hospitals unloved and uncared for. There’s spiritual revolution and evolution everywhere, always has been and  always will be..

I spent 15 years teaching children to meditate when I could see that so many children were being failed  and needed to connect back with themselves and find peace.. No one’s journey is any less spiritual than any others. Everyone does the best they can with the knowledge they have .. When you choose to see spiritual revolution you see it everywhere, if you choose to see greed and the world as a fearful place you see that too.

To me the real spiritual leaders  of the world  are the self less people who need no recognition and go unsung .. probably in my book the masses of people who raise their children and do numerous jobs and care for their parents and do it all in the name of love silently and quietly..

No ones journey of spiritual evolution is less relevant than anothers. At least that’s how I see it

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