Love and Relationships

I believe you feel in love when you meet people who vibrate and resonate with the same frequency that you do, the same vibrations. You feel love when people empower you when they criticize and dis-empower you feel the opposite..

Some people think they are loving by clinging,  they suck the love out of you, when you aren’t being who you truly are. When you look for the best in another person you see love, when you seek to look for the opposite it surely shows up. Love will look and seek to empower the other but it’s never ever about someone else when someone says you need to be different to suit  them, love dies completely.

When  you are connected to you..and feel good solo you can then empower others.. it’s never ever about someone propping you up, encouraging yes. You can find love sitting and watching the sky and the clouds passing by.The best love never  traps another person it seeks to let that person be exactly who they are  and if that means sitting on a sofa and saying nothing at times then that’s exactly right or debating topics to  stretch the other.

We all meet exactly who we are meant to meet , when we are meant to meet the  other….

Sally Francis

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