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YOU are LOVE …..

You are a vibrant infinite being here for a special reason at this time.  There’s nothing you can’t be do or say that’s right for your vibration when you connect to the true source that’s inside you, that part of you that knows that everything right here right now is alright. The  inner peace and … Continue reading

Acceptance of All ….

Acceptance of All ….

  Step into your great power …know that you may upset a few people along the way but this is for the guiding good of all of humanity. Speaking out often sparks up great resistance in other peoples souls, that’s all , see it as that Trust the process, you are being guided at this … Continue reading

A Powerful Time of Change

    This powerful time of change ushers in a new way of being and feeling .. everything that’s challenged you is being brought to the surface now for you to face ..don’t resist in now .. breathe into the pain as that’s the only way to transmute it now breathe in golden light down through … Continue reading

Shine With Your Brilliance ….

You are here to bring your utmost brilliance into manifestation. Sometimes you forget but rest assured that your doubt and anxiety that surfaces sometimes is only an illusion it’s just your mind playing games and it’s not who you really are or who you came here to really be it’s just that in times of … Continue reading

Miracles Fly on Wishes …………….

“Miracles fly on wishes ……, So wish upon a star……., Where dreams come true and angels sing, Remember who you truly are ! Miracles fly on wishes……, Dream big and bold and bright, Be awesome in your vision It’s magnificent and light ! Miracles fly on wishes………, Look towards the light, Be grateful for your … Continue reading