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YOU are LOVE …..

You are a vibrant infinite being here for a special reason at this time.  There’s nothing you can’t be do or say that’s right for your vibration when you connect to the true source that’s inside you, that part of you that knows that everything right here right now is alright. The  inner peace and … Continue reading

The Tortoise or the Hare ? …. Determination

 When someone close to you especially your children it’s hard to watch their pain but it’s also wonderful to watch their determination strength and sheer grit to succeed.  It’s through determination step by step that you build confidence. Some times it just takes a Baby step to do something to challenge yourself to do something … Continue reading

Can we and should we monitor empathy ?

Nurses now being bombarded with performance related pay progression ..like teachers who are meant to be there for the welfare of children …….nurses shouldn’t be worrying about how they are performing and whether they are making the right decisions all the time … you can’t apply business principles when it comes to empathy ….. can … Continue reading