Be Your Own Coach



The best coaches in the world are the ones who their intuitive ability to tune into someone feel their pain but don’t amplify it, any problems in life stem from the inability for you to listen to your own guidance when you go off track and away from who you truly are inside and not listening to your own soul and spirit destiny.

When you are empowered your life flows and you feel happy in your own skin.

We are all basically animals so many of our problems are to do with not moving enough particularly in this sitting paradigm.

We are meant to move, engage and connect with people..

Eat well, sleep well,  share great love and laugh everyday, see the daylight and move and notice when you act from lack of your power or are swayed by someone else’s energy being off balance .. you don’t need to engage with people if it doesn’t feel right to you.    Act with self love for yourself too, treat yourself well if you don’t usually.

In the scheme of things we are all just energy beings.. Look after your energy and it will look after you .

Should you need a little guidance to get you back on track I am here to empower you with a one off session or sessions  with my intuitive knowledge of EFT or SOUL Plan reading. I can also work with Angel Cards as well.


You can connect by emailing me at  put  SESSION in the header.

Have a great day!


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