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The Tortoise or the Hare ? …. Determination

 When someone close to you especially your children it’s hard to watch their pain but it’s also wonderful to watch their determination strength and sheer grit to succeed.  It’s through determination step by step that you build confidence. Some times it just takes a Baby step to do something to challenge yourself to do something … Continue reading

Free Will and Free Choice

 YOU are perfectly perfect  where you are here  right now just as you are .. everything you want is within your power and grasp for you to have .. you attract everything you want and need into your vibratory existence .. the question is do you want to power and the recognition or do you … Continue reading

Take Back your Power

Energy around at the moment feels to be giving a distinct push forward to do what you were always meant to do and to “Take Back Your Power ” It may feel uncomfortable to speak your truth all the time if you haven’t been used to doing it, but it’s your truth, your life and … Continue reading