London is peaceful …………………….

With newspapers reporting all the negative things in London it’s great to be able to focus on the great things and wonderful people who are in and around  London and who really care about bringing peace to the world.

There have been several meditation gatherings lately in and around London bringing together people from all walks of life who sit and peacefully meditate for around half and hour every month at the moment.

Hundreds have now joined Wake Up London and are part of a bigger world wide project that has come together to show how peaceful humans can actually be and how meditation can form such a huge part in bringing about a  world based on peace and love and co-operation and sharing and caring.

Professional workers and people from every industry joined together yesterday 27th October 2011 in front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square London.

This is a world operating with two polarities at the moment one focused on riots and fear mongering and negativity and one focus on love and peace and kindness and co-operation and a return to great values where people live alongside each other peacefully and co-exist for the greater good.

You can turn off the fear mongering and negativity and only fill your head with positivity if you choose.

I know which group I’d rather be aligned to.  Do you ?


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