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Shine Brightly with Peace and Love

   I am writing this at a time in the world when there is such a huge shift in consciousness. It feels as though I am being pushed by some huge force way beyond the perception of the human imagination and like other people who are waking and feeling this but it’s not always easy. … Continue reading

Raising Your Vibration

As a Scientist  I have always been fascinated by the link between movement, intelligence and energy. When you raise your vibration you can literally access the etheric field of energy and you become more creative. Do you ever think about when you get those Eureka moments?  Were you moving or walking or dancing or listening … Continue reading


I have been thinking alot about this lately. What makes someone inspirational?  Is it in their genes ?  Do they learn this from other people ? Do they suffer and things become intolerant and this springboards them to another level that they have to delve really deep and reinevent themself to survive ?  I often … Continue reading