You are Everything and Nothing


You are everything and nothing, you are the you that you see and the you that you don’t, you are everything yet to be discovered and more, you are only limited by your own imagination of who you can truly become.

You are an infinite spirit circling the universe in a huge galaxy. You have manifested into physical form and there’s nothing that you can’t do and be. You are only limited by your wildest imagination and greatest dreams.

You learnt to crawl and walk and talk and run and dance. You can learn anything by asking the right questions and tripping up and making mistakes and falling flat on your face. You are only limited by your ability to do that time and time again.

There is no perfect  it doesn’t exist so why waste another moment trying to be perfect in that perfect house or perfect car or perfect relationship , or perfect body  it only exists in your mind and the minds of people whose stories you buy into and the media and the press. 

Have a happy time exploring imperfection it’s wonderful and frees up the spirit and the mind in quite miraculous ways!

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