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Acceptance of All ….

Acceptance of All ….

  Step into your great power …know that you may upset a few people along the way but this is for the guiding good of all of humanity. Speaking out often sparks up great resistance in other peoples souls, that’s all , see it as that Trust the process, you are being guided at this … Continue reading

A Powerful Time of Change

    This powerful time of change ushers in a new way of being and feeling .. everything that’s challenged you is being brought to the surface now for you to face ..don’t resist in now .. breathe into the pain as that’s the only way to transmute it now breathe in golden light down through … Continue reading

See the Love

      Put the Love back into the very fabric of our systems ..imagine throwing away all systems of monitoring and see your fellow humans as human, here for you to love and collaborate with with work and in your everyday life. You don’t have to effect the chain of energy by buying into … Continue reading


I have been thinking alot about this lately. What makes someone inspirational?  Is it in their genes ?  Do they learn this from other people ? Do they suffer and things become intolerant and this springboards them to another level that they have to delve really deep and reinevent themself to survive ?  I often … Continue reading