Acceptance of All ….

Step into your great power …know that you may upset a few people along the way but this is for the guiding good of all of humanity. Speaking out often sparks up great resistance in other peoples souls, that’s all , see it as that Trust the process, you are being guided at this time .
The greater good often comes out through times of struggle not in the conventional way but in the way of Light emerging with the resistance and struggle within all people.. the merging of the light and the dark. Nothing changes by staying still, light emerges through darkness so hence exists in this duality.
Trust and hold in your heart the perfect vision of A New Age of healing and vision for the earth , you hence are here at this time to watch and help it emerge, you can choose to associate with fear, the old paradigm or merge the fear and light into LOVE the new paradigm. Light can only emerge through the watching and observation of the darkness and exists in everyone, the integration and acceptance of which brings you to LOVE ..
Sally Francis
Channelled message. Copyright 2013(c)

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