Shine With Your Brilliance ….

You are here to bring your utmost brilliance into manifestation. Sometimes you forget but rest assured that your doubt and anxiety that surfaces sometimes is only an illusion it’s just your mind playing games and it’s not who you really are or who you came here to really be it’s just that in times of doubt you get pulled back into this awareness of human form but it’s not who you really are. You are born in Love and innocence and wealth and abundance and that’s really who you are. It’s when you remember the joy and the love and focus on that that you see how easy it really all is . There’s nothing that you can’t be or do when you remember that you were all created the same and that you have the same chances as everyone else to manifest and create your own dreams. It’s only fear or lack of faith that makes you dwell on any negatives ..see them wash through you like a gentle stream washing a bed of pebbles …to reveal the golden shining you…shine with with all your brilliance … Channelled through from Beings of Light … Sally Francis

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