A Powerful Time of Change

This powerful time of change ushers in a new way of being and feeling .. everything that’s challenged you is being brought to the surface now for you to face ..don’t resist in now .. breathe into the pain as that’s the only way to transmute it now breathe in golden light down through your crown chakra energy into your heart feel anything disturbing you being transmuted into a golden essence and breathe this around your body. Know your true purpose on the planet is to be who you truly are even though this may bring discomfort at times. Know that you are surrounded by love and guiding spirits and forces at all times and remember to always call on them in times of need . Know that you are loved indefinitely and unconditionally by all your ancestors in spirit and by friends and family around you. It is often the unsaid and the unspoken that is powerful. Focus on the LOVE as that’s all that counts ..challenges and dramas are just challenges and drama’s and the way that humans often are just noticed .. words are just energy. Choose you words with care and know how powerful they are speak words that empower and uplift those around you. Know you are Love in you highest essence here for just a moment, make your moment ad your words.
Sally Francis 
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