Developing Heart Intelligence and Empathy …………….

Illiteracy may be a huge world problem but I think it’s more down to the understanding that we all think and learn in different ways that’s the real crisis in the world, our brains are all wired differently .. The speakers and the great orators gain space in the world , you only have  to look at the politicians and other great speakers who are influencing the media and work in broadcasting  but there’s also a different kind of intelligence a heart intelligence and influence that’s not loud and sometimes  doesn’t speak at all.

The challenge we have as nations will be to discover that this intelligence is ever bit as real. It’s often unspoken you see it often in autistic children or special needs children or mentally challenged people.

The successful  governments of the future will be the ones who speak to all the people and grow an emphatic voice of the heart that treats everyone as equal. The rest will just die away as in order for humans to survive and co-exist there must be this recognition of great spirit and empathy in all humans, with dwindling resources and a lack of compassion for this planet at a heart level our species as humans will not survive. Its imperative that we look now to doing everything we can to teach our children about natural living and being and foster a new belief system that is emphatic to all humans, if we don’t we are every bit as guilty as the next person who walks around not caring.

Copyright (c)Sally Francis


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