Can we and should we monitor empathy ?

Nurses now being bombarded with performance related pay progression teachers who are meant to be there for the welfare of children …….nurses shouldn’t be worrying about how they are performing and whether they are making the right decisions all the time … you can’t apply business principles when it comes to empathy ….. can you ? Should you ?
Education has become so pressured that teachers who used to be able to really care about the pupils are bombarded with paperwork … You try telling a boy of 7 whose really bright but can’t put pen to paper that he can’t go in for exams because the school thinks it won’t look good on the statistics….
Image. How do you also rate the performance of a nurse who treats the sick and dying. ? The young physios that were in my house this weekend were already complaining of the work load.
Divine feminine in men and woman start speaking out for the greater good. The UN is putting forward a HAPPINESS DAY day a year lol 🙂 … and they are leading the world?
Shouldn’t everyday be a HAPPY DAY….. for everyone in the world ….or have I just landed from the planet ZOG 🙂


One thought on “Can we and should we monitor empathy ?

  1. Instead of pressuring nurses to be empathetic, maybe put in place nurses (who are already empathetic) to be mentors (voluntary) and perhaps hospital officials, staff and doctors, surgeons, etc should be the example? Often, it begins from the top down, when the hospital administrators, school superintendents and others are more concerned with power, money and other things, it sets the example. I know that at my house my daughters follow my example and when I change for the better or for the worse, they do likewise. Forcing isn’t a good option….helping and compassion is the way.

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