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Be Your Own Coach

  The best coaches in the world are the ones who their intuitive ability to tune into someone feel their pain but don’t amplify it, any problems in life stem from the inability for you to listen to your own guidance when you go off track and away from who you truly are inside and … Continue reading

Take Back your Power

Energy around at the moment feels to be giving a distinct push forward to do what you were always meant to do and to “Take Back Your Power ” It may feel uncomfortable to speak your truth all the time if you haven’t been used to doing it, but it’s your truth, your life and … Continue reading

Blow a LOVE RASPBERRY ……………….x

When spirits soar and  ANGELS  sing remember to hold on to just one THING  …………., The thoughts you think and the STORIES you hold transform your life in new ways….. so be BOLD . Remember to connect to the source of all GOOD  for there in lies the  KEYS  to the  SHOULDS …. Align to … Continue reading