Divine Feminine


Deep in the Divine Feminine in both woman and men there   is a truth that’s been there for centuries a knowing and a nurturing a wisdom an a truth .. a huge protector of the earth of all people and all children and a huge spirit of LOVE and kindness.

Returning to this truth doesn’t come with out resistance, many woman  have held powerful positions in the past and through their lifetimes. Taking back that power can feel strange and your soul may resist it but now there’s no going back now .

Many woman and men who recognise this truth are being pushed forward now .. shunted by spirit to be who they truly are and many are afraid to shine. No one said this lifetime was going to be easy but if you focus on what your heart and body wants to do you will start to hear your own intuitive mind talking to you through your body..listen carefully  Shine on    Sally Francis


SALLY Francis 2013 Copyright (c)

I am available for intuitive coaching  and  EFT sessions



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