Teach the Children to Meditate…… I spent around 15 years ..


I spent  around 15 years of my life teaching thousands of children to meditate under the radar when the establishments were calling it “whacky” …in around 200 schools .. I was driven at some level by an unseen force .. people kept saying why don’t you stay in one school but deep down I knew I would touch more children by a few moments of meditation than I would by nearly all the subjects and lessons I taught…. Teaching them to centered themselves in an instant and connect them back to the deep part in them that knows peace and quiet and stillness. Some children asked why they hadn’t been taught this before , others used to say they had something to play with like they had found a new toy . There were intrigued by energy and knowing that they could still their own energy in an instant.

The smiles of the children will be permanent etched on my soul .. when you see children connecting with their higher selves and in bliss after rowing or arguing with classmates .. you know you have touched a golden elixir of Love consciousness . I was so honored and blessed to have observed their faces and so touched when children of 7 came back and said they had taught their families. Children can be teachers.

When my father was passing I was doing some chi gung with a class and one child asked me which direction my father was in. I told them and they all then moved their hands towards the direction. Children have huge wisdom  too and are often here to teach the adults

Sally Francis

2013  Copyright (C)

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