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Visualise with Faith

   Today visualize everything turning out perfectly .. erase any limiting belief or thought from your mind and plough forward with utmost faith that everything is working out perfectly ….. Focus with intention and with utter faith that although things occasionally go pear shaped in this human world , underneath there is a current forward ..focus … Continue reading

Shine With Your Brilliance ….

You are here to bring your utmost brilliance into manifestation. Sometimes you forget but rest assured that your doubt and anxiety that surfaces sometimes is only an illusion it’s just your mind playing games and it’s not who you really are or who you came here to really be it’s just that in times of … Continue reading

When the past comes to bite your bum !!

When you feel the  past  emerge again ..  it may come back for you to receive another lesson and to clear it again …just  notice  try not to  judge accept and move forward again..knowing that this is all as it’s meant to be and just  as I feel it’s just another ..big pivotal points of … Continue reading