Love is Infinite ………………..(meditation)

Love is Infinite ....................(meditation)

Bring your attention to your breath and to you body , know that in this time space all is well as you choose here now to understand that deep in the recesses of your soul and Spirit that you are love divine love that has no judgement, no faults, worries or fears.

Breathe softly now and relax your body dwell upon your ancient wisdom that knows deep in your soul that everything here right now is at peace…. everything is perfect. Breathe softly and slowly like a bird gently floating in the sky ……gently gliding through the air not thinking….. just being and so at peace.

Relax yourself into a golden slumber for just a moment knowing that in all time spaces and future and past moments everything has settled, all problems solved…all worries transmuted.

Here right now connect with divine love and wisdom that knows peace and silence not worry or fear…. Breathe slowly to the rhythm of your body connecting to the greater cosmos that is a miracle of light and silken energy.

Be at peace with who you are.. you are very special and a being of love………you are infinite ……….

Sally Francis (c)


Please share and comment f you have found this helpful – blessings Sally

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