Imagine , Believe and Change your Neural Pathways


The neural pathways of the brain are formed by the thoughts and beliefs that we believe , imagine and feel and we can change  the grooves in the physical matter in the brain by changing what we think, imagine , feel , create or have in our consciousness.

The DNA , the building blocks of the proteins are affected in every second and minute of our lives and are constantly shifting  according to our experiences and what we believe to be reality.  Every piece of information that comes into our awareness affects us on some level either energetically or by affecting the synapses,  the very firing systems of our brains.

The grooves in our brains are in a state of flux and can be overridden and can be changed even by imagination. Our bodies  respond in similar ways when we imagine something or are physically present in a place or with a person . You only have to think about someone who treats you kindly to know how the mirror neurons in your brain act as receptor sites of the emotions the other person is putting out.

Energy moves through space and time and our brains are adept at picking up the energy and consciousness of time in the future and time from the past as it’s happening all at the same time . The challenge   for medical science and research is putting the strands of Physics , Biology and Energy and Consciousness and Cosmology all together.

The universe is 40M light years and the end point is thought now to even affect the start..  The internet has brought about an ability for humans to connect more energetically with many people around the world and I have no doubt that this will effect the very structure of our brains in time.The Evolving Brain of humans is now showing that the hotspots of  Empathy and Altruism are growing .

It’s now a possibilty that during my lifetime the Intuitive mind of people will be accepted as the norm and that Science will be able to prove that we can pick up the consciousness of the future.

Sally Francis

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