When the past comes to bite your bum !!

When you feel the  past  emerge again ..  it may come back for you to receive another lesson and to clear it again …just  notice  try not to  judge accept and move forward again..knowing that this is all as it’s meant to be and just  as I feel it’s just another ..big pivotal points of clearing can be points at which you are about to jump to the next level   a kind of quantum leaping to something else  , it can be painful but just breathe through it and write it down..if it’s too much and then perhaps burn it .. or paint it out dance it out  scream it out .. whatever floats your boat,Believe  then focus on some joy and remember that this is all just a journey and some days they are difficult scenes and some days there are joyous scenes and some days they are days when you have to move the props around and turn a nightmare scene into something really beautiful…. people may come in and out of the scenes but the story or the play of your life will still be there.

There are many ways to clear things may be chatting to a friend , crying using EFT .. even walking in nature .. or using a good therapist ..or just writing it down ..journalling etc.. painting .. singing out the energy or just moving .. understand that this will pass so be gentle on yourself..

blessings Sally Francis

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