Trust Your Intuitive Mind to Guide You.

Golden Heart 180
I trained as a scientist and teacher  I was  brought up in the realm of examining and inquiry and yet the more I touch the spiritual intuitive realm and trust my own innate guidance the more magical my life becomes .. and a whole new world opens up on of FAITH and LOVE ….HUMOUR and PASSION for life and living each day to the full .. one of stepping into each day and seeing the MIRACLE of each and every MOMENT .. when you get out of your own way and ego mind a whole new realm appears it still comes with challenges but with the edges much softer and it all starts with BREATHING slower and not rushing….and slowing down your energy.. that doesn’t mean stopping what you are doing but being MINDFUL of everything, all your interactions and what you choose to take into your life and what you choose to exclude..”
much Love Sally x
 Sally Francis copyright 2013 (c)
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