Being Empowered

580797_10151160527696425_2059079012_n1.jpgWalking and saying your talk, your purpose and your passion or passions , when you are in the flow of your higher consciousness that is guiding you. Being who you truly are.. we all flow in and out of this state ..but catch yourself when you are empowered and go towards it to not away from it.. having courage to let go of people who do not resonate with your core message of why you came here… which will be different for everyone.. your job and your journey is not to be here to get on with everyone , your journey is to just blossom into your highest potential or the potentials that feel right for you..Any guru or person who says you have to lead your life my way is not helping you.. to be who you truly are meant to be, this is your life .. any person guiding you authentically will see your potential and want you to blossom into that, not their projection of who they wish you to be, true friends are people who see your strengths and want to see your gifts and who get excited for you, they support you when you are drop out of your potential but who do not remind you of this state on every meeting…..  Sally Francis

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