Change and Revolution…

We need a moral and a spiritual awakening in the country, and nothing short of that is adequate to fundamentally change the patterns of our political dysfunction,” says author and activist Marianne Williamson.

“Rise dear feminine women there’s a calling from the mists where sisters are united with harmony and bliss to speak your hearts true colours and the journey of your soul where hearts and minds speak kindness and anger has no hold .

Rise dear feminine women and speak your sweet refrain to open up the hearts so closed with anger fear and pain.. We humbly gather peacefully to rise and rise again ! ” from my book REMEMBER WHO YOU TRULY ARE…

I wrote about this massive paradigm shift we are seeing in 2005 I saw the shift that was going to happen.

Astrologically we are in a time that has not been seen once the 1950’s where corruption was called out and the peace movement rose the rise of

Planetarily it is about the energy of massive change but also rebellion.. and a coming back to ourselves in our own truth and wisdom.. This is also about the earths planetary cleanups now and the clean ups with food that are starting with veganism etc and the emergence of CBD oil as a healing tool…

Many many changes now be taking place over the next decade and there will be many more women making decisions on global levels acting form the heart..

Women are not all fake books and lashes botox and nails the rise of the Kardashians who appear to be a kind of modern day Cleopatras with snakes seems to have given many women a bad rap

Billions of women exist on the planet to serve the planet and people.. and to be here for a higher calling..

The patriarchy ways are now scrambling on themselves and it is so so farcical that people are seeing through the lies and the bullshit now..

The elder women were not valued by the patriachy in the Western countries but we are also seeing this changing with Marianne Williamson but we are also seeing this change with the Peace nomination of women like Jane Goodhall for the Nobel peace prize.

Times are a changing and this time is not about men bashing but a rise of the heart to value all people and to value the planet animals and not dwindle resources on this planet and renewable energy.

We have the technology now to produce free energy on this planet for everyone. we are seeing Elon Musk give the patent out for the electric cars . and so so much more Tesla is one example.

Time to also value the great millions and billions of people who work in emphatic ways and are careers The world is changing.. massively now and we are just at the start of this massive paradigm shift ..

The conservative model of work people till they drop is also changing companies that do not value their employees will fold in this new paradigm

Hold onto your hats we are in the time of massive rebellion and revolution

In toxic cultural systems the rebel is always portrayed as the outsider when they speak the truth and see through all the bullshit…

This is only just starting…

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