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“At any single moment of your life you can choose to keep going on the am path or choose tore-evaluate your life an see what is working and what is not.

Habits sometimes creep up on us without us realising

If you keep doing the same old you will keep getting the same …

You are allowed to change out of friendship groups, change where you eat, where you work, what you wear, the kinds of music you listen to and all sorts ….

Children are open to change all the time they explore and find out no one berates they them they are encouraged every step of the way to explore.

You can creatively create your life in every second minute hour month and year if you choose to… ”

All change can be good when you trust yourself … watch for the signs and the sychronicities the universe is always giving us messages …

Explore the creative flow of your spirit…

Learning to let go of everything even your fixed thoughts about anyone or anything all your judgments and perceptions massively frees up your energy…. “

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