What would I say to any young woman growing up today?..

Follow your dreams and your heart, be authentic and courageous, be unafraid to speak up and say when you feel hurt or you feel wronged.
Believe in yourself even when anyone else around you gives up keep focused on who your are.
There will be many who do not get you, they are not meant to.
There will be days when you will be berate yourself, keep going
There will be days when you do not like yourself, keep going
There will be days when you will like your body, let it pass your body keeps you on the planet

There may be days when you are lonely, these will pass
There will be days of great success and days of failure keep going
Count your blessings each day…and stay with your dreams
You will will keep you going in your dark days, your love will keep you going when you need it your love for you and knowing you are precious.
Life is not a checklist of aquisitions, life can be difficult and life can be complicated but it is precious
Value you and the whole world will do

Nothing matters more than you love yourself exactly as you are….
You are more powerful than you realise but stay humble
Spread love…. we touch people’s lives by just existing
Be yourself….you are valuable….
Sally Francis
Author of “Remember Who You Truly Are ” on Amazon Kindle Worldwide now   with  ten 5 star reviews..Remember Who You Truly Are Book link


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