Remember Who YOU Truly Are – Book

Sally Francis

Am delighted to announce  my  book that has just been released to Amazon Kindle   with 5 start reviews now coming in  called


We have reached a time when a huge shift in consciousness is taking place. We are being challenged to live more authentically, to be more accountable, to be all we were meant to be -our true, authentic selves. Many of us are we waking up from fear and lower consciousness and vibration that we have been trapped in.Though times may be dark the light can now prevail and by holding onto our dreams and our visions, we will emerge with a higher consciousness. We will shed all the restrictions of the past and break the chains of the judgemental fear based systems which have ruled and limited our lives in so many ways.

This book will help you to remember…

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One thought on “Remember Who YOU Truly Are – Book

  1. Thank you Sally – I downloaded your book after an unexpected, in depth enquiry from a dear photographer friend, soon after his chance encounter with you recently. My goodness! What a Soul Gift this book is for all who have chosen their inspired Spiritual Path; many of whom are now experiencing very exacting challenges! The content and your way with “words,” are so familiar to me, bringing into focus my life in teaching and healing – affirming my trust in the intuitive answer to my present self-healing challenge! Synchronicity truly answering my immediate need! Proof that we never stop learning at whatever age we are – (and I am old enough to be your mother) – we remain the -The One Child of Source in varying States of Becoming! I shall recommend it everyone – especially those with access to Amazon downloads. Is this Earth Angel Book close to being in print? Many love blessings! Margaret x

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