Touched By An Earth Angel <3



 I found myself in the company of a really beautiful soul senior man in a wheelchair today he must have been 90 and had a smile so big but so serene and angelic he was smiling with his eyes not speaking he was also linking with all the children around .. he never spoke he just smiled and he looked so much like my father is was so surreal…he had the same nose and eyes ..I felt I had seen an angel he just had this really serene silent gaze …and I smiled back and he smiled more and I spent half and hour just smiling with him.

It was like angelic gazing that’s the only way I can describe or put this into words it was his soul reaching out with love and I could feel it so deeply, it was as though all the worldly outside things had gone and deep in his spirit he was just radiating love .He was watching and connecting with the children around him and just beaming them love .. 

I don’t think I will ever forget him.. it felt so much like my father coming through him well…. I went some where I never go ..usually. He re-affirmed to me how communication can just be through the eyes or the body and a smile … and he had a serenity and peace around him that was so beautiful to witness… and the fact he’s popped back into my head to write this must mean something special… I was blessed today  ❤


Sally Francis


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