We All Have Inner Guidance and Intuition….

Sally Francis


We all have an INNER GUIDANCE  system and an inner knowing INTUITION  about things and people and situations .. when you sit quietly and listen you will know this TRUTH. It’s the truth and power that you came here to this life with it’s within each and everyone of you ..where everything is always alright and  you are safe and peaceful and calm..sometimes we get off track ..but if you suit quietly and just BREATHE .. and take a MOMENT  to close your eyes and fill your body with this alignment of  truth and energy  you will know all is well.

Imagine a GOLDEN BEAM .. of brilliant GOLDEN LIGHT.. coming through the top of your head your CROWN CHAKRA .. filling your whole body with brilliance and cleansing away anything negative ..any situation ..any though , any moment  where you weren’t in perfect health.. see this GOLDEN LIGHT.. radiating…

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