Send Love in All Directions of Time and Space …………


Imagine that you are on your own timeline of life sitting or standing in the middle..

Imagine your crown chakra opening at the top of your head. Imagine breathing  in golden light through your crown chakra  from source and imagine it filling up your whole body like a golden elixir infusing all your cells with love and the love vibration and frequency the frequency of Om and all love a sound of the highest and most amazing frequency. Feel your whole body vibrating with this frequency see yourself filled with this golden, magical frequency.

Raise your arms so your body makes a tee shape  and your palms faced out. Pull down the love frequency through your crown chakra  and imagine golden light and love being sent  to your timeline of your past to the left and the timeline of your future to the right,see all experiences and things that have happened in the past filled with the love frequency  and also to your future see them all being infused with the love frequency the golden frequency the pure harmonic….

You have now sent your love to all your ancestors and all the people and situations that happened  down your timeline and up to all your family in the future and all people you will meet on the next part of your journey.

Wait and watch the MAGIC happen over the next few days and weeks

You might find people changing around you or you being given more love from complete strangers, watch for more abundance showing up as well and tiny changes to your own well being.

Much love Sallyx


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