INTUITIVE PREDICTION for the Week 1st January 2014

Golden Heart 180
 Be BRAVE don’t look back now ..have COURAGE .. . focus on all your STRENGTHS and ABILITIES, forgive anyone or anything and yourself todays a new day to shout I’m alive .. everything is in perfect divine timing all relationships people that show up situations etc . Hold tight to the LOVE and the flame in your heart, bless all your relatives and ancestors know they did and do their best with all the knowledge they have and had and they are there always supporting you.
Focus on your visions and your dreams knowing that they will happen if they are meant for you and if not other more perfect things will happen that in resonance and in harmony with who you truly are, Breathe and relax knowing that you got to this NEW Year.. focus on what you want to have come into your life, the PEACE, the HARMONY the LOVE, the MAGIC the ABUNDANCE, the GOOD HEALTH , the MONEY .. Visualise yourself with all the qualities you would like and the situations that will bring them to you…. visualise it all flying in all directions to yourself and you equally .. giving back to the world with all your gifts talents and love … so be it many blessings Love Sally x
 Here for coaching and intuitive coaching and EFT and SOUL plans #
Feel for to share with anyone you know this will help and   I’d be happy to hear your feedback so do comment on my blog posts 🙂


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