You are a Tiny Speck of Consciousness with the ability to Shine Even Brighter !

“You come here as a tiny speck of consciousness, you individuated here at this time to experience it all.When you start to see yourself as a tiny part of the collective, a tiny part of the whole expansive universe, in fact a tiny speck in the pinball of life, your whole world opens up and you start to connect to the flow of life which is always in constant flux.. and constant change. You weave in and out of the fabric of life, the light and the dark, the yin and the yang aspects water flowing down a stream and moving sometimes with great velocity at other times, slow and soft and your breath.. .. a golden thread of life …. for you are it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, the slow, the fast, the calm, the storm, the eloquent the mysterious, the loud one, the soft one, the beautiful being and the not so beautiful , the rich one, the poor one, the illuminated one and the dark one….but essentially love at your essence ..a tiny beam of light in a huge huge cosmos …. shine brightly radiate love and the rest will just follow as it has to “………
Sally Francis Copyright 2013  (c)

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