Feminine Dominance or Denial of the Feminine ?

The role of the woman in society has become a much talked about thing especially over the years woman only gaining the vote around the world in the last century.  Having been born to a mother who is 87 and the same age as Maggie Thatcher who passed today, and so different from her, never working outside the home, but indeed still working everyday in a caring capacity, in  a role  so understated these day, my heart and head often straddles two paradigms .

 We need to understand that the softer side of woman the feminine side can be every bit as powerful as the loud than the  more masculine approach to dominating and leading people. I am not sure in my heart that she did anything to help woman really apart from leading hearts and minds down an unauthentic route which seemed to dis the notion of empathy and care as being subservient when woman took  a place role  in the workplaces alongside men. Woman aren’t men and we often think and behave and confuse the men but we are every bit as relevant to the fabric of society and often in soft unspoken ways as my dear friend Katie Rose mentioned too today. Our world needs strong soft woman much more so I think than the personalities of dominance that we have seen in the past. I don’t feel my purpose is to judge but just to observe

.Sally Francis

One thought on “Feminine Dominance or Denial of the Feminine ?

  1. I agree with the idea we need powerful women who just get on and do it with the men not being seen as competition, but equal partners. Power is silent, it is those who believe they have none that make all the noise to cover up their insecurities.

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