Dyslexia – The Forgotten Children ?


You can be highly illiterate and be highly intelligent, in my limited experience of teaching around 10,000 children in around 200 schools I’ve met highly intelligent children who can’t put pen to paper and go into the pool of the ” forgotten children. ”

In fact I’ve sat with children who have been crying because they and I know that they are clever but they aren’t the funds to allocate resources to them or they don’t have highly skilled enough teachers to give the individual attention that these children need or the voice activated computers or voice recorders.

People still think that dyslexia is just reading and writing, it’s not.  it can affect the short term memory and the processing and holding  of information but with it comes great gifts often of creativity and of seeing a bigger picture.and are often highly intelligent take Einstein etc…

In my humble opinion if class sizes were to be halved to around 12 to 15 or two qualified teachers were placed in each class I imagine the government would re-coup the cost very quickly. Universities in the UK  seem to be more on the ball with all this and offer help, but the funding and help needs to go back to the support systems and specialized teachers that were taken out of a lot of the schools. Inclusion is great so long as the resources and funding are  there to back it all up.

If you are dyslexic or think you might be ..know within yourself that you are special, special in a  way that others perhaps don’t understand but that’s their loss. They don’t see how you see the world they don’t see your creativity and feel things the way you do.

Just know in your heart that YOU are very special and focus on the gifts that you have, focus on your talents, for then you will find your world and you may have to find ways  to cope  but you will. Embrace your dyslexia and the world will embrace you.

Sally Francis

(c) Copyright

Feel free to share with anyone you feel will benefit.

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