Blow a LOVE RASPBERRY ……………….x


When spirits soar and  ANGELS  sing remember to hold on to just one THING  ………….,

The thoughts you think and the STORIES you hold transform your life in new ways….. so be BOLD .

Remember to connect to the source of all GOOD  for there in lies the  KEYS  to the  SHOULDS ….

Align to the  GREATNESS   you hold in your  HEART  and  blow a  LOVE RASPBERRY   to the old farts 🙂 …..

Who want you to hang on to the ways of the OLD  when you  should  really listen to your own voice and be  BOLD

SO JUMP to the sound of the  OM and sing with the almighty VOICE you are hearing

As it rings in your ears with a new way of  BEING ……  listen and watch carefully  the new things you are   SEEING………….

Align  to  your new  PASSION  and new VOICE ,  your  new vision and mission………

Remember that you do  have a choice and  don’t have to  follow the old  ways

In the  FASHION  of the groups………. that just follow and herd like the flocks of sheep ……………

 Who just stand and watch  visions of old…..

Which you can blast out of the water with HOPE  and DESIRE  for what you should and  OUGHT  TO be doing.

So   jump yourself forwards with JOY  and  COMPASSION  for changes that are coming through quickly………… just   remember that you are the voice,

the messenger,  the sender of……. LOVE JOY AND PEACE now.

  Take  take time to transform and surrender to all that is in you……….

All POWER and SPLENDOUR  to be what you always should have been

and remember  just how TRULY   BEAUTIFUL

you  really

ARE  !

Sally Francis copyright 2012

You can connect   via my Intuitive coaching Page at

 if you would like to be helped on your journey  where you can read testimonials  🙂

 Feel free to share  blessings !

I love hearing your comments  🙂


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