Angels and Singing……and EFT … So Good For The Soul !


Having a really loving Sunday …………………………………………………………………….feeling really  good did some EFT tapping  to clear myself as I am now trained as a practioner and just loving experimenting having been an EFT  fan for over a decade.

 Just started singing started with “Morning has  Broken …then heard some other great Peace songs and sang along … then turned into singing Bare Necessities from Jungle Book and just danced around the kitchen as you do when you are really feeling it and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks no one can put you out of a GOOOOOD MOOOOD unless you let them and let them take your power away.

You are responsible for your thoughts and how you feel whatever is going on in your life, you can always choose the great thoughts and the great feelings you just have to find something that makes you feel really good be it singing or laughing or dancing.

 So fascinating how clearing yourself with EFT works so quickly you can within a few moments clear the doubts and the obsessive thoughts that we all have and can collapse the energy imprint of them within a few minutes.  Might even turn into me creating a whole new project myself today  and  then there’s the  spiritual bit and the sychronicity bit.

When  my father died I saw angels and was filled with an awesome feeling of LOVE and that he had connected with the divine realm. After he passed I asked for a sign the next morning,  that he was OK.  I then opened the windows and a Robin flew directly at the window, just now a Robin came up really close to me again in the garden.

 I just love those days when you are filled with  DIVINE SIGNS  and  INSPIRATION  that everything is OK and you are filled  with the most complete sense of LOVE and FREEDOM   that I can only find in myself and  no one and no material things can bring you to that place you can only find that when you connect to the divine source of all POWER  and  CREATION  that lies within all of us and is abundant in the universe and as my beautiful father used to say there’s always someone worse off than you.

Celebrate your  DIVINE SELF  and the fact that you are alive and can see with your eyes with your ears and sing your heart out if you really want to …………… you are only limited by what your imagination holds for you and all those around you spread love where ever you go…………….. that’s  eternal  🙂 

Connect via my coaching page if you need a hand and feel free to share with anyone who you feel needs a helping hand 🙂  you or they  might just start a whole new journey …………

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