Latest News: Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.)

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Why do you need the EFT Hub Resource?

You could attend EFT workshops, and we highly recommend that you do to get the practical training that you need to really understand the Emotional Freedom Techniques. The only drawback around attending just one workshop on the subject is that you only get the trainer’s own flavour of how they feel you should be using EFT taken from their personal experience.

If you have thousands of dollars you could attend many different workshops taught by teachers from all over the globe. But with the “Learn EFT Easily” package from the EFT Hub you don’t have to. Imagine having one to one access with some of the world’s most experienced and competent teachers and practitioners of EFT. We are blessed to have over 70 contributors and growing, sharing their insights.

How does it work?

The “EFT Hub Resource” has years’ of quality material in audio and video form with at least three audios and videos a week plus written material all available for download. Covering the basics through to the most advanced concepts, a resource that trainers from many of the top EFT training organisations are recommending as a great addition to any form of education you have already undertaken.

What will happen once I have completed the program?
Well you never do as we have new material all the time and you will be walked from the basics to more advanced EFT and this course is respected by many trainers from around the world and if you combine it with a practical workshop on the subject you will be streets ahead of everyone else with a real in depth knowledge on the subject that cannot be found anywhere else.

Why is the price so low?

Imagine how much it would cost to attend just one professional workshop and then how much it would cost to book on 2 or 3 different workshops or have a one to one session with 70 trainers. As you experience our wealth of material you will realise just how much you will save yourself over time by joining the EFT Hub Resource.

The reason we keep the cost low is that we would like to see EFT taught in a structured way by people that really know what they are doing and also show you the pitfalls you can come up against whilst not only working on yourself but by going out and working with EFT on others. Some courses are well out of reach for some but hopefully by keeping the cost low it will give everyone the chance to experience and spread the word about this amazing process.

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