Pure Love

You get to meet some amazing souls in life if you are open and watching, ones who impact your life in ways you maybe only see when they go out of your universe or are looking at your life and trying to make sense of it when you reflect maybe they might be very ordinary like the car park attendant who smiles all the time and lets you go without paying as he just wants to or someone busking in the street who fills the air around you with the sweetest of music. They are often the most humble of souls maybe not the ones who shout the loudest or even want to be noticed just the ones who for a moment or days weeks or months or even years just change your life in ways you can’t imagine. It’s like a soul to soul connection often when you just can’t help but falling in love with them, when you know your life will be changed for the better because you met them. They have a certain aura around them you can sense it if you are open to love on an energetic level. They radiate an inner beauty – I often think you can see it in the eyes for they are the windows to the soul , or so they say.

I used to go to visit a great sage, a man who had been a musician who lived up the road to my family. He was a soft gentle soul one who dripped unconditional love and I felt really safe with him. He had this soft energy that used to engulf me and I could sit for days and listen to his tales and could feel the love radiating from his soul towards me. I was only about 8 years old but already I was learning how to connect with soft chi energy from another human being.

He radiated love pure love. You meet thousand and thousands of people in a life time and on the rare occasions you get to meet these perfect wise sages who radiate that pure light it hits you like a bolt of lightening and changes the very bones of your being from the inside out. He had a magnetic charisma around him and children would come from miles around to see him and be in his presence.

He used to tell me I was special he said I was different from the other children. Maybe he saw my connection to spirit I don’t know really know but we connected at an energy level. I felt I had a spiritual awareness, I could just sit in silence in his aura and felt healed. He had been a peace activist in his life and had been imprisoned during the war as a conscientious objector and used to stand in the high street with “Peace” placards every weekend.

He wasn’t a poor man, he lived in a huge house with the most amazing treasures from his travels around the world. He knew that you didn’t have to make a vow of poverty to spread messages of love to the world . As a child it felt like stepping into a vacuum of love. He gave me the gift of unconditional love and taught me to see good in everyone and everything. He gave a great gift to everyone he met. He was vibrating at the level of love

Copyright Sally Francis 2010


copyright 2010 Sally Francis

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