Power to step into your greatness and your true spirit

You can be or do anything now from this point onwards you can start your life over if you need to if you switch on that inner strength that courage.

The power to step into your greatness is something that comes with authenticity when you just stop telling yourself you can’t and just go towards your goal. It’s not about doing it with great loudness but with a humble dignity but it’s something not to be scared of either. With it you may have challenges, things will change, you will go outside your comfort zone at times, but that’s ok the fear of change is what holds most people back but that’s just it, it’s only the fear in your head. You only grow by surrounding yourself with people doing things at a higher level than you. That’s the key to finding your power.

We are sometimes frightened by our own power the fear of success can be just as powerful as the fear of rejection in our heads but if you listen carefully you will know what to do. You can manage and orchestrate your life however you want and maybe that’s the hard part at times just stepping out of everybody’s journey and just stepping into your journey and the real reason you were incarnated in the first place, your soul purpose your life’s passion. Sometimes it can be really scary to just jump and not be supported , but by jumping you give permission to other people to do the same and that’s a wonderful gift to bring to the world.

When you change you might find your ego resisting it you might find the people around you criticising and not encouraging you, you will probably find yourself criticising yourself at times wondering why on earth you are taking such a direction, but you have to learn to trust and it’s in the trusting that you grow into your own power. People might fall beside the wayside your friends with whom you have felt comfortable at certain stages of your life might find it hard to adjust to you changing, but it’s your change and no one else’s.

People feel comfortable when you act in certain ways, when you start to challenge the “status quo” they might start to challenge their lives and all they have done it it. When you blossom you might find the people around you who will try to knock you down, unless you have great friends and family who know how to bolster your confidence. Society and survival thrive on people being the best and competition, it’s innate and built into everyone as a survival mechanism most people do it unconsciously. Surround yourself with people who believe in your vision.

It’s fine to step into your power.

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