See it, feel it, believe it !

I am writing this at a time in the world when there is such a huge shift in consciousness that it feels as though I am being pushed by some huge force way beyond the perception of the human imagination and like other people who are waking up and feeling this. It’s not always easy and you have to align yourself to the middle part of the ride of the helter-skelter understanding the forces of yin and yang and knowing deep in your soul that you will weather all the storms that come your way.

My life has been a such a colourful journey leading now to the opening of a new way of thinking and being.That intuitive nudge within has always been there through thick and thin and when I have listened and not doubted the messages,I have been catapulted into some of the most marvellous adventures.

My life has been full of inspirational moments of meeting great people and times when I have just thrown myself into new things. I have played Volleyball for England,worked doing accountancy, taught in around 200 schools had art exhibitions, helped to build an orphanage. and speak French and taught music and dance. You could say I have gone with the flow trusting my intuition and working with the Taoist principle of “Wu Wei”, seeing where I would go in my head in glorious visual imagery and then just going “full guns blazing” towards my vision. When I have learnt to trust this absolutely and just gone with it, my life has been filled with fabulous people and events. The rewards maybe not always coming in a monetary sense but filling me with an abundance of wealth in other forms of spiritual wealth.

It’s been the letting go of ego phases that have pushed me forward when I have not listened to the little voice going, ” You can’t do this.” We all have it we are human but if you can focus on the task in hand so much that it blocks out the voice you are there. There will always be the “naysayers” in life who will come and try to push you down. They come in lots of disguises maybe people you think of as friends but you have to welcome them as “critical friends” it’s hard at first and you have to learn through the power struggles that most of the time the people you meet just project their own limiting beliefs and their own stuff and we all do “stuff”.

My best times in life have come when I have learnt when I have pushed myself into a new phase by surrounding myself with people who knew more that I did and when I have asked questions. We all make mistakes there is no perfect person out there they don’t exist. At times I have put myself way outside my comfort zone but that ability to receive help and ask and not being afraid to make a fool of yourself propels you forwards like a rocket. The fear of rejection freezes everyone from doing anything. When you finally realise that it’s your life and nobody else’s and that you don’t have to live it through other people’s filters, your parents, your partner, your mother, your siblings. At that point you finally get “it”.

Everyone will throw you their projections and you have to learn essentially to just mirror them backor more powerfully say nothing. There is huge strength and power in “Silence” You aren’t in this life to compete with anyone but yourself and your own demons and to face them and to step beyond the limiting beliefs of everyone around you.

At times you may want to stand still but no one grows by standing still and staying the same. It may feel safe to do that and keep you in your comfort zone but it won’t stretch your soul and there’s nothing quite like feeling bored to wither your soul and make you question what life is all about. Sometimes you may need to live life by the seat of your pants and maybe that’s the way you make yourself come alive and shunt you to the next level .

The ability to morph into different shapes and bend like a blade of grass is how we survive in the world. Darwin’s theory of evolution relates to humans just as much as it does to other animals and plants. We all have an in built urge or thrust to be the best, to compete but essentially the world is changing so fast now that the ability to relate and co-operate with each other seems far more important now if we are to survive on planet with a growing population.

I have thrived on learning the next “thing” On occasions I have been thrown some great challenges but seem to have righted myself like a “Wibbly – Wobbly” doll that springs straight back up. It’s that ability to keep going and let go of that drama that has helped me to push through and just do things.

It’s not always been easy and I have been sent some huge challenges in my life but it’s been through these challenges that the soul growth happens when you have to dig so deep that you can’t help but believe that spiritual forces and are “egging” you on behind the veil, so go with the flow and find your true spirit and never ever be afraid to make a fool of yourself or make mistakes.

Sally Francis

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