Free Will and Free Choice

 YOU are perfectly perfect  where you are here  right now just as you are .. everything you want is within your power and grasp for you to have .. you attract everything you want and need into your vibratory existence .. the question is do you want to power and the recognition or do you want a small quite life .. you always have free choice every single step of the way .. every problem , every relationship, every situation, every work condition everything shows up as an extension of your thinking … shine with bright light and you’ll attract bright light shiners.. focus on lack and poverty and that’s what will show up. Your experiences along the time space continuum are forever oscillating and swinging in and out of lack and abundance .. your challenge is to notice when you are in flow and abundance and by contrast the opposite .. watch and notice that’s the game of life …. you always have free choice …. Sally Francis 2013 Copyright Image

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