All systems go..big things coming dreams awaken.

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Mercury is now direct and Mars. there have been 7 planets in retrograde over the last month or so you may have felt stuck but it was a great time of reflection. The planets do not move backward but it appear to. in respect to the earth. Its been an intense summer..
Retrogrades have encourage us to move inwards. Research re-evaluate review etc .. before we move forwards 19th August Mercury moved direct . communications and travel should open up again and work and opportunities.
Mars is going through Pisces. Mars is still strong at the moment heat and fires on the global level sudden intense climate.Uranus remains in Taurus until 2026 big earth changes. The planets all start to move forwards at the beginning at September .
.On the 6th Saturn moves forward the personal planet .. We are then in are in Virgo season.. Virgo New Moon on 9th Virgo likes to be the hard worker and the perfectionist Virgo energy is about healing and cleansing as well.. it’s all about the earth 17 degrees of Virgo… 7 planets in earth. 3 in water no fire and no air signs
.Very big focus on the EARTH at this time.
Time to get grounded and centred not a time to escape as Neptune is around don’t escape to alcohol food or drugs ..Let go and release disappointments you may feel as though you have lost earth but there is a grand time a lucky time to make your dreams come true..
Get in touch with the earth at this time.. connect with nature at this time The earth is our home. come home to your body and the earth..
Uranus opposite Venus can bring unexpected love relationships.. if you are bored in relationship you might jump out.
Time to be yourself and just be authentic
Virgo is to do with cleansing and detoxification..Virgo is connected to healing and health clean up diet etc .
Virgo loves to clear the space with Mercury around it is also a time to clear up your thinking and your mind clear your mind.
New relationships may come in September, watch for things coming in out of the blue.
Mars brings in our power and to know how powerful we truly are to take action from the place of love and wisdom which is who we truly are.. Mars is also the energy of attraction and desire.
As Mars is changing direction its energy is that more pronounced and meaningful…it went through the shift on the exhalation point.
Do what you really want to do with your life have a dream and a goal and see it through it takes guts .
We create our dreams .. what we focus on grows day in and day out our thoughts become what happens in our lives clean up yours thoughts and clear you language especially your language with yourself if you have been beating your up lately.
Count all your blessings..YOU ARE ALIVE NOW ! Have gratitude for the very small things
I took a dream with writing a book. one of my many dreams to bring something into form.
Whats your DREAM ?
You come to the earth with all your dreams waiting to emerge you are the caterpillar who takes flight, perhaps re cocooning at times and then emerging in different new forms different colours and shades of your souls light.. TAKE FLIGHT…
Our lives impact each others lives and we impact each other every single days
LOVE is the HIGHEST form of success.
If you knew you came here to shift the lives of others through love then that is the point of your life ..
Material things do not last they are here for moments but LOVE lasts forever.. and it touches everyone you meet . It’s an intention.
What is your FOREVER THING that gets you up in the morning?
There is more to your life than the mundane shine you light and hold your vision…
You came here for a reason a massive reason its your time and your season to shine …
Time for COMPASSION for ourselves and for others trust the moments of feeling emotions and energy
DREAM BIG Jupiter… is around…
Love Sally x

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