Mothering Sunday..



pexels-photo-256807.jpeg“Let today be a day when you connect with the mother archetype that could be just mothering and being kind to yourself knowing that the love that you have for yourself is the energy that goes out into the world.

You are LOVED unconditionally by the divine mother and universal consciousness.

You may have felt love from various mothers, grandmothers or mothering people in your life.. connect with that energy.

Today give thanks .. If you are not a mother know that you can still mother other people and can bring the mothering energy into you should you desire or wish on many levels.

If you have wounds from the mother perhaps is a day where you forgive and break a karmic pattern by re-connecting or just sending love unconditionally knowing that they did the best they could with the knowledge they came here with and may too they still hold their mother wounds..

The journey of the mother comes as a wonderful journey but can also be filled with challenges on many level if you are a mother honour the fact that you got through the tough times and survived ..
If your mother is in spirit know you are always connected just through a thought…

Know the divine mother loves you..unconditionally… ”

Sally Francis

Author of the  Book Remember Who You Truly Are  on amazon

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