I Choose ….


I choose to not walk beside people who cajole me, who put me down,who laugh at me, who tell me I am not enough,

I choose to not walk beside the bully or the tormentor I choose to not walk beside people who judge me out of their limiting beliefs of who they think I am.

I choose to not take any of their energy into my being anymore I choose to watch and observe their behaviour as the behaviour of someone who knows very little about me but comes to their truth from their limited perception in that moment.

I choose to stand proud and powerful in who I know I am in the world knowing that I need no longer take any thing or or into my energy or field that is not in the highest alignment of who I come here to be..

I know my truth and I walk in love and I walk in the light that is available to everyone should they choose that way…

I see the sadness I see the anger I see the pain of people but I no longer have to act or react to anything that feels in disharmony to who I come here to be ..

I let go of any outdated and outmoded parts of me that ever thought anything different

I stand up tall and proud in knowing my lifes work and who I am…

I am a powerful creator in this cosmic universe and I touch lives with this essense

Love is not loud it can be very silent and unspoken…but it eminates a frequency that is just felt I choose to bring this light into the world with every interaction and every thought..

Love changes everything….

Love Sally x
Sally Francis


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